Family Law


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  • The Hague Convention is an international treaty designed to expedite the return of children who’ve been taken to another country by one parent against another parent’s more »
  • The deliberate harm or abuse of a child is a terrible thing. Fortunately there are laws in place to protect children against parents or any other adult who would seek to hurt more »
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a method to resolve disputes without going to court. Many lawsuits end up being settled before going to court after the parties involved use some form of ADR. more »
  • Sexual assault is a unique and shockingly widespread criminal problem in Canada. The victims are predominantly female and their attackers rarely suffer any consequences, since only six per cent of more »
  • If you need a lawyer, you should be aware of what a good one can do for you. They will carefully review your legal issue and consider all the options that are available to you. Once you have decided more »
  • Each province and territory allows parents or sometimes birth siblings to attempt contact with an adopted child, but the process varies according to local more »
  • So that childhood flame has fizzled. Luckily, you and your spouse are staying friends and had no children or property to fight over. Here are five steps to make your divorce more »
  • Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour by one person to gain control over their romantic partner or ex-partner. Both men and women also suffer domestic violence. It can also occur in same-sex more »
  • The question of when to leave a child alone troubles many parents around the world. Whether it means leaving them in the car for a few minutes to quickly pick up some groceries, or home alone for the more »
  • While the federal Civil Marriage Act governs most general aspects of getting married, some marriage laws can differ slightly from province to more »